Facts About Different Types Of Traditional Chinese Clothing

Facts About Different Types Of Traditional Chinese Clothing

Are you interested in the Chinese culture? This is a country that is filled with rich and valuable history. The history is talked about in many history lessons in schools all over the world. Including dynasties, kingdoms, wars, artistry and many more. These amazing and old years and evolution have brought many changes. There are many international study groups, researchers and travellers who visit this country every year. They seek information and are interested in understanding the culture as well.

Especially, people are attracted towards the traditional clothes worn in the past and present by the locals. Are you interested in knowing some facts about different traditional clothing? They are connected to historical events and rules in the past. The following are the different types of traditional clothing:

1. Hanfu clothing

At present, there are Hanfu traditional Chinese clothing for sale. It was recorded as the attire being worn in Han dynasty. The apparel was a gown that was crossed and overlapped on one side of the collar. The sleeves of the attire were wide and very loose that had very simple designs such as various flora and others.

2. Tang suit

This clothing is combination of a long gown and a jacket. With time this has been westernized. There are two types of this:
– Authentic Tang dynasty clothing

This is a button less overlap of the right collar to the left side, similar to the Hanfu gown. It comes with a sash and long shag reaching the feet.

– Western tailoring combined with the Style of this dynasty

This is a tailoring of the Western cut with a collar of Mandarin style. They have knobs with platted strings that run across from one knob to the other. Moreover, a jacket with buttons in the front is worn on top of it.

3. Cheongsam

This type of traditional Chinese clothing for sale keeps changing. It can be worn by anyone from different ages. It’s a popular traditional attire, which shows the appearance of females. It’s a body fit dress with knobs on both sides and platted strings attached to it. Furthermore, there are two slits on either sides of the dress. These are available in different styles of collars and sleeves.

4. Dragon robe

High officials such as the emperor mostly wore these. The reason for naming it the dragon robe is due to the design of it. Typically, the border of this attire is made with embroider designs of lovely dragons. They are stitched in large designs at the bottom of the attire.

These are some fact about the traditional clothing worn by Chinese. For more information about the histories behind it, can be searched online.