Pulling Off A 20s Flashback Wedding.

Pulling Off A 20s Flashback Wedding.

Pulling Off A 20s Flashback Wedding.

There’s something absolutely beautiful and nostalgic about the vintage era, when clothing and style were dealt with detail and delicacy, just like emotions and actions were unlike the today’s world in which relationships bloomed as fast as they died, modern art sometimes meaningless, and literature, oh the unmistakable tragedy. If you’re a fan of pears and pleated napkins, believe in the magic of frills, laces and true love, and would love to sprinkle, scratch that, bombard your wedding with vintage glam, read on for a few tips to go reel and retro.


So the twenties definitely had a lot of rebellions surging up and giving a shocking twist to everything from making bold fashion statements to throwing rock parties. If you’re thinking how you should design your wedding attire, I’d say go for vintage bridal dresses Sydney that’s hanging loose on your hips with silk and satin and the top a charming combination of sophisticated sequin and bead work. Walk with a sense a wild spirit wearing a pair of dazzling silver heels and you’ll be a thing straight from the great Gatsby era. Oh and don’t forget to make sure your man’s dashing a 20s style striped gangster suit or you can also go casual with only a pair of pants, vests and suspenders. Let’s take a moment to swoon over the 20’s gentlemen please.


If you’re going vintage, might as well scream it using extravagant accessories and add Ons that will make sure you’ve definitely nailed the look. Have your bridesmaids wear short wedding dresses or flapper dresses that’s gleaming with sequins in different colours and make sure they flaunt their parasols or sun umbrellas instead of the iconic hair flip. Fashion was detailed back then, so combine feathers and fishnets for headwear and impractical handbags with Pearls and lace. Also what’s vintage without some drama and a pair of elegant white gloves?


With the great comeback of the Great Gatsby Movie in 2013, we’re seeing the evolution of overindulgence in everything glitzy and glam again. You can go with sharp geometry pattern sewn in gold beads for your table clothes, or even spread them with gold sparkly glitter shawls. A magical combination of everything old and sweet like, books the colour of pale tea, a floral swing beneath the giant oak tree and most definitely a typewriter as a guestbook for the ideal vintage charm.


You can’t be having your retro themed wedding at a five star hotel dripping with everything modern and exquisite. You can actually. But if you really want to give your guest the feel of walking back in to a wedding of Jane Austen’s protagonists, you’d rather have one at a barn and evoke the rustic vibes of retro weddings. Let the wine glasses dance to the jazz music blaring from the speakers, let the men go crazy over the rustic bar carts and the women stand and swoon in front of vintage vanity mirror displays.

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