Published by Richard Wray on October 12, 2015

Seeking Fashion Into Watches

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It is the technical behemoth of the 21st century to give a touch of fashion into everything. Being fashionable and up to the trend is no more limited to dresses and clothing. Accessories have also written their name in the list. Starting from necklaces to earrings to bracelets, watches are also in the list for teaming up with the attire.
Why not follow your time with style?When watches have peeped into being teemed with your attire, why not make it more interesting. There are gallons of styles and fashions that have crept into holding the watches in your wrist. A new category of bands has been introduced which are ruling the market presently. It is the 22mm silicone apple watch band. These have certain special features that can make it long lasting and worth the money value. These are available in both steel bands and leather bands. You can use this link for more of apple watch bands.
• The 22mm silicone apple watch bands are tough enough to withstand the daily wear and tear. It is even safe if you are carrying a baby. As babies have a habit of fidgeting with brands of watches.
• These accessories are high-performance rubber and also steels derived from silicon metal and silica sand.Customize your watch bands with AppleThe brand has spread the market with its variety of collections of steel bands and leather bands at an affordable price. Moving out from the everyday look, your watch band can change your entire style statement. Nowadays watches are the only accessories worn on hand during work. Apple has played an innovative role in customizing the only accessory.Few best third party suppliers of the genuine brandsThere is a list of few best third party dealers of apple watch bands and straps in the market. They are available at a cheaper and affordable price. They are: • My Cell Milanese Loop Band: These are soft textured bands complimenting its quality by its own style and elegance. They are also a comfortable wear and water resistant.
• Hi5 Luxury Leather Band: These luxury bands have stainless steel buckle with the best quality leather bands. It is available basically in black color with a classy look. It is a good reasonable classy buy. You can check this good replacement metal apple watch bands.
• Bases: A cool availability of leather textured band at a reasonable price.
• Casetify: It is a well-known customized maker of iPhone cases and now it has given its hand on customizing your band.
• Reserve Stop: These straps are embedded with the battery which helps in charging your I-Watch while wearing.
There is another such type of bands which are different in their style and texture. Above all these bands are not as pocket pinchers as might be thought. These can change your styling sense if worn with your regular boring office wear. Thus grab a 22mm silicone apple watch band and be the style setter of your office.