The Deeper Meaning Of Clothing Choices

The Deeper Meaning Of Clothing Choices

The Deeper Meaning Of Clothing Choices

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Our actions are a reflection of our inner selves. It speaks volumes about our personalities and what kind of an individual we are. We are often motivated by our inner selves to do certain things. And that ultimately makes people create an impression about us. That is exactly what people are referring to when they say someone is daring, the other one is to herself/himself or that someone is outspoken. All these terms portray who we are and how we look in the eyes of other people. And this is determined by our actions and how we have behaved in front of those people.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror

Although people come to a conclusion that we have such and such a personality do we see that person when we look at ourselves in the mirror? Is that who we really are? For example all those who wear men wedding suits are not exactly as important and powerful as their clothes may exude. But the actual question is if they think of themselves as that powerful and important. Do they actually perceive themselves in that way? All these ideas come down to the level of confidence that an individual has in themselves.

The more confident you are about yourself the more you become the person you want to be.Because all the people in suits don’t just pull of the powerful and all important look, they can only do so if they behave in such a manner, and behavior comes how we feel about ourselves. You can’t go to a store and buy it. But then why do people go on and on about how our clothes reflect our personalities. It’s because our shopping patterns and spending behavior is a reflection of our personalities and thus in the end our clothes become a reflection of who we are. Because these actions are motivated by our moods, emotions, previous experiences and most importantly by our cultures. And this is ultimately what makes us who we are as well.

So the take home message will be to not just and shopping for perfect clothes that you think will make you feel important but to behave in the appropriate manner so that you can pull off the complete look. Because there is nothing called that one piece of clothing that make you look successful or vice versa for that matter. But the worst or most inappropriate type of clothing will end up being the one that tries to hide who and what you are.